Agnes and Anthony is a creative duo based in Brussels, working frequently across Europe and in Asia.

We provide a wide range of services: window display, art installation, animation, video production, visual design and scenography.

Coming from different backgrounds, we develop our own unique way to work together creatively and continue to influence each other in our handmade and digital work.

Selected Press & Talks

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IDN magazine


South China Morning Post

Feel the Motion



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Rue de la Source 19

Saint- Gilles 1060
Brussels, Belgium

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Agnes Tai

Originally from Hong Kong, Agnes studied Theatre Design in the UK, it was then she found her fasination in model making. She worked as a freelance modelmaker in London before joining an architecture and scenography studio in Brussels. Applying her experience and skill, she now focuses on creating stories through her detailed handmade work.

Anthony Sarrus

Anthony studied animation in La Cambre. He then started working as a freelance animator and art director for various agencies and campaigns across Europe. In 2015, he founded the animation collective Framekit with fellow animator Paulynka Hricovini. They worked together on many projects for nearly 3 years. It was during this time that he began collaborating with Agnes. Having a great interest in film, illustration and photography, he is not afraid to experiment with different techniques in his work.