The Midnight Train

During the festive season, many of us are travelling to visit families and friends, and spend time together to celebrate the end of the year. In these windows, we tried to re-create this familiar experience that marks the beginning of this magical time by inviting the passers-by on board for a nostalgic train ride through the wintery mountains, inspired by the beautiful landscape surrounding
Crans Montana.
In the other window, we take a closer look inside the train and discover the passengers enjoying their ride and passing time until they get to their destinations.We created a stop-motion animation to show the inside of the carriage and what the passengers are up to during the ride. All the elements in these windows and the animation are made in paper and wool to give a warm and comforting feelings that we all crave for in the winter season.

Client: HERMÈS Swiss
Team: Alexis Burlat, Charline Remy, Jules Cosse